When I met Ashley, she expressed to me that she regretted not having her second birth captured in the same way in which she had her first. She knew she wanted the birth of her third and final baby captured. After 2 boys this third baby was a surprise gender!

They arrived at the hospital Monday evening, eager and ready to meet their baby. At first progress was slow, 1cm, 2cm, 3cm. Tuesday evening things started to pick up. With a bit of pitocin, contractions grew stronger and more regular. Then just before 7:30 pm Ashley’s water broke completely and I was on my way.

I arrived just before 9 pm. Upon my arrival I was greeted with smiles and a few giggles even, but soon Ashley would slip away into that active labor trans. Fred was there holding her hand through the ups and downs of contractions and feeding ice chips in between. The waves got closer and closer together.

Shortly before midnight Ashley decided to get up to get on the labor ball. When she sat up, Ashley exclaimed “I feel like I have to push!” . The nurse checked her and told her that there was still a bit of cervix left, but Ashley couldn’t stop pushing. Nurses filled the room, but the doctor was in a c-section. I recall one of the nurses saying “oh well he’ll have to miss this one.”. The nurses had her push in a couple positions; back, side, all fours. After a little bit of chaos, a baby was born.

Being able to capture moments like Ashley and Fred finding out they just had their THIRD BOY, never gets old!

10-16-19 12:04am