"Makenzie made me feel so comfortable and beautiful."

Your body is growing and changing.
Sometimes the nausea, aches and pains make you forget that this chapter of your life is fleeting. Soon your baby will be earth-side and you *might* even miss your baby bump and feeling kicks from the inside. Your body is your baby's first home.
Let's create something beautiful for you to look back on.

Growing Baby

These sessions take place in your home

and no your house doesn't have to be Pinterest worthy, I promise.

Let's just go with the flow.

Love on your bump and partner,

Include your other kiddos or your pets.

"...Makenzie captured our essence..."

"I was so over joyed and happy to see how beautifully Makenzie captured our essence. The photos are exquisite and are so special to us. We will be able to look back at these photos and remember how we felt in the moment and throughout the journey to our first child."

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