Meet your Hudson Valley birth photographer -


Hey, I'm Makenzie.

I am NOT the photographer for everyone.

I'm not a "look at the camera and smile" kind of photographer. I want to document the connection and love in your family. I want your photos to be memories.

I want your photos to bring you right back to this moment even 20 years down the line. Photos that tell your story and become apart of your family archive.

"...the only possible choice for this job..."

"By the time we had our final meeting I felt like Makenzie was the only possible choice for this job and that she + I could be great friends!"


A little about me.

Semi-crunchy, tattooed mama to 3 of my favorite tiny humans.

I use wayyy too many exclamation points!!!

Air Force wife.

IVF mama + embryo donor.

Baby wearer.

C-section mom + VBAC advocate.

Milk maker + breastmilk donor.

Wonderlust at heart.

The beach is my happy place- warm sand between my toes and the sun on my face.

I find peace in the chaos.

I believe sometimes you have to dance in the rain to find the rainbow.

I am a complete empath, which is both a blessing and curse in this type of work. I am a lover of all things birth (that's why we're here right?!). My obsession extends far beyond just being a birth photographer or even a doula.

Your body is doing such a cool thing. You're growing a human and soon you'll get to bring them earth-side. That alone will never cease to amaze me!

My birth photography bucket list

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Birth center

Where to, mama?