Hudson Valley certified birth photographer, Videographer + doula

serving parts of NY, NJ, PA + CT

You're in the right place if...

  • you're expecting a baby (or babies)
  • you know the birth of your baby is THE most important day (yup I said it)
  • photos are your thing - you have thousands on your phone
  • you love to reminisce
  • the idea of documenting the details of this season in your life makes your heart happy

Why birth?

This is me...

moments after having my first baby in 2016.
This photo was taken by a nurse on my husbands cell phone, and while I'm grateful to at least have this.. I wish that I had more.
Before this, no one thought to take any pictures. Now the memories are so blurry and the details of the day are long forgotten.
You deserve SO. MUCH. MORE.

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