Postpartum is so often overlooked during pregnancy and while preparing for birth. There is such an emphasis on labor and delivery prep, but what about those early newborn days? That transition after birth into the fourth trimester aka postpartum.

Here's 3 ways that you can prepare for your baby and your fourth trimester.

A nesting party

Yup, you heard me. A nesting party. Thanks to social media this idea is becoming more and more popular. Invite over a small group of friends and have them help you bang out some of the tasks on your nesting list. Someone can help set up your postpartum basket for the bathroom while someone else can help deep clean your kitchen or prep some freezer meals for postpartum. The tasks are completely customizable to you and your family! Have some snacks and finger foods and you're set! It's a great way to celebrate baby AND knock tasks off your to-do list.

Meal Train

Wanting to worry less about meal time newly postpartum? Set up a meal train where friends and family can pick days to provide a meal for your family. It allows sign ups for certain days through a time period of your liking. If your friends and family are looking to help support your family during your postpartum period, this is a great way to do it.

Create a postpartum plan

Postpartum plans can be helpful in getting everyone on the same page and laying out all the expectations. Asking for help in the moment can be extremely difficult - especially when you introduce mom guilt. Postpartum is exhausting on so many levels.

A postpartum plan can be as broad or as specific as you want it to be. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your postpartum plan. Include things like a timeline of when you or your partner Is returning to work and what childcare will look like or figure out how household responsibilities will shift during the newly postpartum period.