"Birth photography is so expensive..."

I hear this A LOTTTT.

Don't worry, I had sticker shock at first too. You're definitely not alone with this thought.

So, the big question is

is birth photography really worth it?

While you might say I'm a bit bias and you're probably right, I did choose birth for a reason. I get a lot of "wait you're in the room during the birth?" or "Why would anyone want pictures of that?".

So, here's a few reasons why I think birth photography is well worth the price tag and in the grand scheme of things- priceless.

It's an important event!

Just like your wedding day. I'd even go out on a limb and say *maybe* more important.

So why is it that most of us wing it and just hope that someone will remember to take one or two quick phone pictures. Think about it, this is the day you're meeting your baby for the very first time. These are your very first family pictures.

Picture this...

You’re in labor and your partner is so busy supporting you that they forget that their phone even exists until after baby is born. The pictures they did get are dark cell phone pictures probably only focused on baby. They missed so much of your day, the story is not told the way you expected and mom is left only with memories that will fade as quickly as their new baby grows. 

Every birth is unique.

No two birth stories are the same- even if both births are yours! Birth is unpredictable and rarely follows the same path twice. Sometimes you're are so caught up, understandably so, that you can miss how amazing you were. You can miss the power and the beauty. I get to capture that and show it to you later.

You never know what will happen.

Babies find their way into the world in some interesting ways.

I’ve photographed all kinds of births (home birth, hospital birth, VBAC, c-section) and yet I’m still surprised many times. That’s why I do this! I offer birth photography so my families can relax and enjoy the birth – and then look at the pictures later to see how truly amazing it was.

But hiring someone to photograph a birth is a BIG thing. An intimate thing.

I know. It’s a big decision. You wouldn't want to hire just anyone. So let me answer some questions many people have.

What is included?

This is obviously different from one photographer to the next and can even vary by package, but what I offer is-

  • A one-on-one consultation so we can get to know each other before your birth.
  • My services on call, 24/7 starting when you hit 38 weeks (Rain, snow, holidays.. I'll be there!)
  • Unlimited false alarms
  • Unlimited time at your birth, from active labor until that beautiful baby is born.
  • An online gallery with high quality digital images.

What if you miss my birth?

The chances of that are very low! I take a limited number of births per month. We will also discuss your birth history in detail at your birth consultations and discuss when to call when you’re in labor (this is VERY important so pay close attention). So, unless your birth goes very quickly, I'll be there!

Why is birth photography so expensive?

It is an investment! I will stay at your birth for however long you’re in active labor up to 2 hours after birth. I’ve been at births for 3 hours or over 24 hours! Yes, you read that right. Birth is unpredictable.

Let's refer back to the wedding thing mentioned earlier. What if you called up a wedding photographer and told them the only details you had were "sometime in July". Don't forget that you don't know how long this event will last or what time the party will start. Odds are it's at 3am. But, don't worry you'll call an hour or two before you need them to arrive.

Let's not forget the challenging environment of photographing birth. Darkness (especially at 3am), space is tight and chances are there will be a lottt of people crowded around with not a whole lot of room to move around to get a better angle.. I think you might be starting to see the point here.

Even tho this might sound crazy, I love doing this!

Maybe I should have my mom or husband take photos?

A birth photographer is solely there to take photos, that is my job! Your mom and your husband are so emotionally involved in the day, they will likely forget they have a camera in their hand! If they do remember to take a photo or two, it will not tell the whole story- your story.

My friend is a wedding photographer, and she offered to take photos of my birth. 

You want a photographer who is familiar with birth and photographing birth. There are so many unknowns when it comes to birth. I know what to look for. I’m ready to capture the emotions, I’m ready for changing light conditions and most of all I'm comfortable in a birth space. Not everyone can say the same. I know when it’s appropriate to take photos, and when it’s not. I understand labor enough to capture the moments you want without disturbing you in labor or after birth. 

I don't want a stranger in the room...

I won’t be a stranger for long! Many of my clients say I feel like a long time friend by the time we're done. We will chat during our consultations and make sure that you feel comfortable.

Let’s change the narrative! 

No more dark, blurry cell phone pictures taken by an exhausted labor support.

You deserve to see how strong you are!

So is it worth it?

Let me ask you a few things…

Do you want beautiful, quality photos of you meeting your baby for the first time? 

Do you want one of the biggest days of your life beautifully and artistically captured?

Do you want your labor support to be able to focus 100% on you and not have to fumble with a camera?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you will have no regrets!

Still have questions?