Placenta FAQ

How do I get my placenta?

If you're birthing in the hospital they will have you sign a release form for your placenta.

Do you provide a cooler?

A cooler is provided for my birth photography and/or doula clients only. If you are only booking for placenta services you will have to provide your own cooler. If birthing in the hospital they will provide you with ice.

How do I get my placenta to you?

If I'm already attending your birth as your photographer or doula, I will take your placenta home with me. If I am not your photographer or doula we will arrange pickup for soon after you have your baby..

How is a placenta encapsulated?

Your placenta will be rinsed and then steamed. After your placenta is steamed it is dehydrated and ground into a powder. That powder is put into your capsules.

What is a placenta tincture?

A placenta tincture is a concentrated alcohol solution, infused with your placenta. Placenta tinctures are great for use after your capsules run out.
Potential uses or benefits include-
- returning menstrual cycles
- help to regulate menstrual cycles
- help naturally replace hormones during menopause
- balance your hormones during monthly premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
- help prevent hot flashes, palpitations and mood swings
- help prevent postpartum depression ease anxiety and emotional distress

What is placenta salve?

A placenta salve is for topical use. A mixture of beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin e oil and calendula flowers is infused with your placenta.
Potential uses-
- soothe a healing perineum
- soothe and treat diaper rash
- stretch marks
- scars
- baby acne
- scrapes
- eczema
- cradle cap & more!

Where will my placenta be stored until processing?

I have a fridge specifically for placentas. Your placenta gets labeled with your information before it gets put in the fridge.

How do I know it's my placenta?

Everything is labeled with your name from start to finish. Only one placenta is processed at a time, from start to finish.

How do I get my final product(s)?

Once your placenta has been processed, I will drop off to your home unless other arrangements have been made.