Birth is a life changing experience. Modern society teaches us to fear birth, to fear something our bodies are MADE to do. Isn’t it amazing how bodies can nourish and grow another human? Yet birth isn’t seen as this natural amazing thing anymore. It’s portrayed as risky and scary. 

What if birth photography could help change these views and normalize birth? What if we started celebrating our power? What if you could look back on your birth and think “WOW! I am strong”? 

This moment right here tends to be a favorite of mine. I call this the “I did it” moment, and yes you did! No matter what happened in your birth, you did it. You brought that baby earth-side. Whether you had the exact birth experience you expected or your birth plan was completely thrown out the window, once you meet the little person that was growing inside of you the last 9 months everything suddenly melts away. You get to breath a sigh of relief. 

Don't be fooled tho, birth photography is about so much more. It's not just the exciting "I did it moment". It's your partners hand on your back. It's sitting quietly in between the surges. It's all the quiet moments in between that make your story. Birth photography allows you to look back at these moments once things slowly start to all blur together.

I want you to be able to look back and see all the details you may have missed in the moment. I want to show you your strength and beauty through these images. I want you to be able to see THIS look on your face. The look of pure bliss because YOU DID IT!